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05 Jan 2022
Popular astronomy is non-technical astronomy made for a mainstream adult audience. Though, people may find it very challenging on this level already. Popular science books, such as the ones here, also tend to explore not just the information, but the stories and experiences of how these were all discovered in the first place, including the bits of science history on what it was like to discover that the universe was so much bigger than previously thought, beginning from the rage against the idea that the Earth goes around the sun, than the other way around. Even outside astronomy, we still...
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19 Dec 2021
For empaths, for highly sensitive people, parents and other caretakers who don't put themselves first. Not to mention the depressed, the anxious and the mentally ill. Also, this is for men as much as women, even if most of the self-love/self-care industry is targeted to women only, as if men should only work, and never relax or have fun. PS : Guys, even if it feels girly, maybe go read some of the books in this subject made for women if you find the self care activities to be relaxing and helpful, if you're okay with that. Same with more masculine or tomboyish type women as well. Try it...
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30 Jan 2022
Books on learning languages meant for children. Reading and writing for kids, toddlers, and babies. Teach them how to talk beyond goo goo ga ga. There are also other languages other than English too, though it's mostly on English. For teachers, parents and other caregivers. There's also general advice on how to teach reading and writing, as well as books that cover how to become an author for children's books or children's literature.
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19 Jan 2022
On cooking for beginners, the basics of nutrition, the science of food, the history of food and the politics of food in society. General books about food everyone should know, with a well rounded course on food in our world today.
For those experienced enough to take on the challenge, those who simply want to create professional reviews of creative writing even without making one yourself, or those who are the type to plan ahead all the way even when they're just starting, I hope this may be of use to you. By advanced, I mean it focuses on detailed character design, complex themes, research to make scenes more realistic and writing techniques that are difficult to do well if not done well. Interestingly, even if you're not a writer, being able to study how stories are made is great for learning to appreciate the novels...
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02 Feb 2022
A general set of diverse physical exercises to keep up an exercise habit. A workout training plan when you just don't feel like moving, or a set of fitness exercise books for beginners. If you want to express yourself, you can easily just find time to be alone (so no one can watch), play some music, even if just with headphones, and dance along with it. People don't just refuse to move because they're "lazy" but because expressing themselves with their bodies seems shameful to them due to the messages of society, if you're allowed to express yourself at all. It doesn't feel right to...
13 Jan 2022
On brain training, brain hacks, the science of learning or how to increase your intelligence, beyond just rote memorization, hard work and repetition in studying. Of course, you need those three, but you're not going to go very far if that's the only techniques you're using. Just promise not to brag about your intelligence too much after, heh.
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07 Feb 2022
Nontechnical explanations of neuroscience or the science of the brain. This can range from formal understanding of the parts of the brain to scientifically based self help psychology books focused on what the science of the brain can reveal for mental health, education, relationships, work and the rest of life. It may also involve classic medical mysteries about the brain, a lot like those interesting medical documentaries people watch, but in book form. To be honest, the medical mysteries in neuroscience, if you're into that, is personally the most fascinating to me compared to medical...
15 Jan 2022
Marketing on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more. Yes, a lot of people say online jobs aren't "real jobs," from older parents, grandparents or older folks in general, but the whole point of running a business is that the market is always evolving to beat out the competition. Well, at this point, whether you have a legit online job or you're supporting an unrelated business with online marketing, then this will help you not get left behind. Better that some people will laugh and you earn the money you need to survive in this tough economy, over...
11 Jan 2022
An education on useful skills, for every one who is or used to be a kid who asked, "Why do we have to keep learning this?" in school. Especially useful for people who are around the age of 18-25, who are just turning into adults, or particularly responsible younger teens, but can be helpful for other people too. Maybe some of those in their late 20s or early 30s, maybe.
As recommended in his blog, GatesNotes.
26 Nov 2021
For anyone who could benefit from more deep thinking through journaling in their life, whether through writing or other creative expressions.
13 Dec 2021
Philosophy for the new and intimidated, looking for guidance in a world where intellectuals look down on those of "lesser intelligence," and express hostility to newcomers.
For the fluent user of English looking for a challenge. Just know there's a difference between eloquently using the proper word to describe the precise detail of something, and inserting unnecessary advanced vocabulary constantly everywhere (when simpler words would do) to sound smart. Remember the balance. The latter is a sign of insecurity in others, even in more formal academic settings. If there is a word that is barely known at all, it's different from an advanced English word that is more well known but not often used, for example. Even if you heard these words, know that they are still...
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31 Jan 2022
Origami for everything under the sun. The art of Japanese paper folding. Origami can be used as decoration in bedrooms/kitchens/bathrooms/gardens/hallways, as a moving toy, as containers, as guest table preparations, in fashion, as gifts to family/friends/romantic interests, in celebrations like weddings, birthdays, Christmas or parties of all times, for specific practical uses, for teaching in education, as attachments to 3D art work and so much more! You can make animals, flowers, boxes, vehicles, fantasy creatures, envelopes, paper planes that work better than amateur ones, jewelry, fans,...
28 Dec 2021
Economic psychology, business psychology or behavioral economics. This is the study of psychology in the area of money. Why people buy things and how people use money. Books that reduce the assumption that people buy items out of rational reasons. Use these books to sell, improve marketing, avoid being manipulated by business scams, help work with a shopping addiction, look for ways to get yourself to save money more instead of constantly impulse shopping or simply to dive into your curiosity of the psychology of the taboo subject of money. Do you make mistakes in using money, yet you know...
13 Feb 2022
Classic books by women. When we think of classics, we often almost always think of dead white men. Think of the first classics you can think of, and see if there is anything written by a woman. If that doesn't convince you, can you name any classic written by a woman as well? To be fair, there are classics nearly everyone knows, but people don't realize was written by a woman. Frankenstein, for example, was written by Mary Shelley and it became popularized as one of the first science fiction books of all time. Hugo Gernsback invented science fiction, but Mary Shelley made it popular. No one...
26 Nov 2021
To use in speech, to ponder for reflection, as journal prompts for deep writing, as creative inspiration, to collect quotes for your personal growth or for a simple enjoyment of thought provoking quotes, here you go!
30 Dec 2021
Creative writing for beginners, for those intimidated by the thought of writing even anything on such a terrifyingly blank page. Advanced books kindly cut out, both for those ambitious of publishing a book yet hesitant, and for the writer hobbyist who just wants some kind of creative hobby in their free time to pass the time without making it another form of stressful work to add to their lives.