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Popular Neuroscience

Nontechnical explanations of neuroscience or the science of the brain. This can range from formal understanding of the parts of the brain to scientifically based self help psychology books focused on what the science of the brain can reveal for mental health, education, relationships, work and the rest of life. It may also involve classic medical mysteries about the brain, a lot like those interesting medical documentaries people watch, but in book form. To be honest, the medical mysteries in neuroscience, if you're into that, is personally the most fascinating to me compared to medical mysteries that have to do with outside the body. Neuroscience is a more specific focus on the brain than typical psychology does, and so it is focused on the analysis of the brain itself, rather than due to tested observations of social experiments, surveys and polls, or through deep psychotherapy analysis. Essentially, it is the most rigorously tested field of psychology, with the most evidence given.
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